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ImportOmatic+ for Raiser’s Edge – and the Pathway to Omatic Cloud

Users of ImportOmatic – and its connectors – have been hearing about Omatic Cloud for some time now. But for many, it’s just been so much background noise. For them, ImportOmatic, or IOM as we lovingly refer to it, is still the reliable workhorse that it’s always been, regardless of whether you use Raiser’s Edge 7 or Raiser’s Edge NXT®. 

And IOM ‘Classic’ isn’t going anywhere. Blackbaud – and Omatic – will always have a number of Raiser’s Edge 7 customers who are unable to ‘get cloudy’ and move to NXT. IOM Classic will be there for them, as well as for NXT users who leverage their ability to use the Database View. 

But. Yes, there are often buts, and this is the good kind of but. 

If you are using IOM and are on NXT (or are planning to move to NXT), we’ve got some very exciting news about Omatic Cloud. 

The new ImportOmatic+ – now powered by Omatic Cloud – is available for any existing IOM customer who uses RE NXT. 

What, exactly, is Omatic Cloud? 

Omatic Cloud is Omatic’s new, ultra-secure cloud-based data integration platform built exclusively for nonprofits. It provides automated, predictable, bidirectional data exchange for Raiser’s Edge NXT.  Omatic Cloud also supports data integration for organizations using Blackbaud CRM, Altru, and Salesforce. 

Using ImportOmatic+ powered by Omatic Cloud ensures an accurate, up-to-date, and complete picture of your constituents and the breadth of their activity across your organization. 

Omatic Cloud is built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud services. It leverages a shared-responsibility security model: Microsoft handles the security of the underlying cloud infrastructure, and Omatic secures the platform deployed in Azure. The protection of your data is – and continues to be – a primary Omatic Cloud design consideration. 

Okay.  So what? 

Whether you have already made the move to NXT or are still in the planning stages, Omatic can help you future-proof your continued investment in Raiser’s Edge. After all, the Database View will eventually be deprecated.  With ImportOmatic+ powered by Omatic Cloud, you’ll be a step (at least) ahead of the game.  You’ll also be able to take advantage of new data import and integration features, in addition to an improved user experience that the Omatic Cloud platform provides. 

And, while the Database View is still extant, you can always use IOM Classic if you need to import data into areas of RE that are not yet available in NXT. 

We would love to take you on a tour of ImportOmatic+ powered by Omatic Cloud. Want to see a demo?  Please complete our form down below. 

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