Importing Recurring Gift Schedules to The Raiser’s Edge®

Recurring gifts are easy to import once you know the secret. Typically, source gift data only holds the start date (the blue field in the illustrations below), the frequency (the green field) and the amount. However, The Raiser’s Edge requires you to provide more data:

Does the donor wish to follow a lunar schedule (for example, every third Monday of the month) or does she wish to donate on the same day every month (the red radio button below).

Which day of the month does she wish to pay (the yellow field)?

Does she wish to donate once a month or every other month (the lavender field)? Or once a week or every other week if you change the Frequency to Weekly.

If the “Schedule Day of Month” is not provided in your data file, consider finding a regular expression on the ImportOmatic forum to extract 15 from 4/15/2013. Alternatively, you can set up a virtual field to default all gift schedules to payment on, for example, the first or the fifteenth.