How To Manage Event Data in Raiser’s Edge with Ease and Efficiency

Apr 13, 2016

Do you struggle with tracking your event data in Raiser’s Edge™? In a recent poll that we conducted, 80% of organizations admitted to tracking their event data outside of Raiser’s Edge – usually in Excel.

There is nothing wrong with Excel. It’s awesome actually, but the data never gets entered into Raiser’s Edge. That is always the intention, but let’s face it – the second your event is over, you are already preparing for the next event. There is never any downtime in the wonderful world of event management.

This is where our advanced event management software can help. EventOmatic is a macro that works with the Event Module in Raiser’s Edge to help users organize and streamline their event management processes. All event information is stored on a customizable screen to allow for real-time event information updates and reporting.

Below are just a handful of reasons why managing your data using EventOmatic trumps trying to manage your event data any other way.

1) EventOmatic offers a completely customizable view of your event. Each user can choose how the event data is displayed. You get flexibility to decide which columns should be displayed for sorting and filtering data. EventOmatic also offers the ability to drill-down further into constituent or participant records if needed.

2) Your data can be managed in less steps. The spreadsheet format of EventOmatic provides the ability to quickly and easily manage your data in one easy screen. You can update data in Raiser’s Edge by applying default sets to enter data on participant records and performing global changes or updates without ever having to open RE:Admin. A simple right-click also allows you to add placeholder guests.

3) With EventOmatic, quick snapshots of an event are possible. Has your boss ever put you on the spot and asked for an event update? Instead of trying to cobble together information from various spreadsheets, you can now quickly access a summary of your data including participants, guests, number of registrants, and attended lists. These summary fields are customizable and can be based on a query too.

4) You can send individual or bulk emails to your participants through EventOmatic. With EventOmatic you can remind invitees of an impending RSVP due date or notify them about a change in venue. You can also include images or attachments and add the email as an action to your constituent records. Trust me, it is much easier to email from EventOmatic than to try using a mail merge from Excel.

5) EventOmatic includes robust reporting features that aren’t available in Excel. These reports can be accessed by right-clicking in the participant list. You can view a seating report (alphabetically or by section and table) and an RSVP report (broken out by response). There are also shortcuts to any of the event management reports available in the Event Module for Raiser’s Edge. It’s possible to make some pretty graphs in Excel, but creating them requires way more effort than a right-click.

6) With EventOmatic, your data is updated in Raiser’s Edge real-time. If you make any changes to the event record or to your participant records, these changes are immediately made in Raiser’s Edge as well. You can bulk-update attendance status, RSVP responses, and more. This ensures everyone is looking at the most updated information, rather than a potentially outdated spreadsheet.

Now it’s time to conquer events in Raiser’s Edge using EventOmatic!

Omatic Software
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