How to Integrate Raiser’s Edge™ Gift Reporting with Financial Systems

Many organizations use a wide range of processes for posting gifts from Raiser’s Edge to their financial system. For example, a user may export gifts directly from Raiser’s Edge and consider their posting process finished. However, if they were to truly post these gifts they would have to go back into Raiser’s Edge, select those same gifts, and then mark them as posted. It’s not a very user-friendly process! Another option for posting may include hiring a consultant to write a custom posting application or plug-in. However, this option is very expensive and it may offer little to no additional functionality over existing applications. There has to be a better way! The good news is there is – the answer is PostOmatic!

Over the years, Omatic has listened to the posting pains of our customers. In response, PostOmatic was developed to bridge the gap between Raiser’s Edge and external financial accounting systems by allowing for accurate information to be exported in a format that is targeted for an external accounting system (such as Great Plains, Quickbooks, PeopleSoft, Kuali, Serenic, etc.) By defining custom parameters with PostOmatic, the exported data is easily integrated with external accounting software systems, resulting in more accurate financial reporting and eliminating the room for error.

Eager to know more? Here are some of the highlights:

PostOmatic has core functionality already built-in
PostOmatic allows a user to select gifts a number of different ways. For example, an organization could choose to have the details for every gift posted, or an organization could choose to summarize their gifts by GL Account Number and other fields (e.g. post date or batch number).

PostOmatic marks gifts as posted in Raiser’s Edge
At the end of the day an organization should mark their gifts as posted in order to conduct a full auditing of Raiser’s Edge gifts.

PostOmatic is customizable
This includes the ability to implement custom business rules to validate that the output meets the requirements of your financial system. For example, you may need your GL Account Numbers to be exactly 20 characters long, or the first 5 characters must all be numeric, etc. PostOmatic allows Omatic to customize these types of rules. In the image below, the “Export file format:” field allows you to choose a custom format that you’ve created to fit your organization’s needs.

No need to be woeful about posting to GL. PostOmatic has all of the features you need and more – right out of the box!

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