Four Strategies to Strengthen Your Online Fundraising

Feb 19, 2019

With the ease and accessibility of modern technology, online fundraising plays an instrumental role in making an impact for your organization. Through various digital channels, your nonprofit can now make giving more convenient than ever. Historically, nonprofits have effectively reached supporters in terms of fundraising opportunities but the struggle to retain donors is evident. Follow these four strategies to strengthen your online fundraising campaign: 

1. Segment Your Donor Database & Address Your Market 

To better target your audience, rely on the information in your database to distinguish which method might be most effective for each donor persona. Your data should include details that would be valuable for upcoming campaigns such as: past donations, demographic markers, and engagement factors. By segmenting your database, you can diversify your asks to include more personalized elements.  

One method of diversifying your fundraising tactics is to get supporters involved by advocating for your organization. Turn your donors into advocates and advocates into donors. By communicating to your supporters in a personalized and human way, you can create positive emotional connections that will strengthen loyalty and support.  

In the end, the right donor database software can provide a holistic view of each supporter and the outreach attempts that were made. With a 360-degree view of each fundraising effort and donor, you can streamline the fundraising process and save time.

2. Automate Your Marketing with the Right Platforms 

Effectively reach out to donors more frequently with automated marketing initiatives. By making a larger impact on a supporter’s day-to-day life you will inevitably increase your overall donor retention rate. Marketing automation ultimately allows you to reach out to supporters more frequently while saving time for your nonprofit’s other initiatives. 

Ensure your organization implements lead capture opportunities to grow your future fundraising and engagement outreach. Create an email series to continuously point supporters to the donation page after their initial interaction. Ensure the donation page includes your nonprofit’s overall branding and is mobile friendly.

3. Implement a Cross-Channel Content Strategy   

Strengthen your nonprofit’s web presence and keep your supporters coming back by offering relevant and intriguing information. Share your organization’s story with impactful social media campaigns that include multi-media elements and follower opinions. Be sure you are also communicating with supporters via email, e-newsletters, and blog posts. 

By using multiple digital platforms, you broaden the reach of your message and attract a larger audience. Keep supporters engaged with your online platforms to strengthen stewardship and encourage repeat donors. Your nonprofit should always be available and give constituents a convenient way to engage.

4. Leverage Reports to Retain Donors 

To help your nonprofit’s fundraising strategies remain effective, you need accurate, historical records and reports. Reports should measure the success of your past fundraising campaigns and highlight best practices for future initiatives. Your nonprofit should also track donor retention rates to measure how well supporters engaged with your organization. 

Annual reports are an informational way to remind donors about your organization’s mission, what projects were completed within the past year, overall financials and an overview of major contributions. Be sure to make the report digitally accessible and shareable. Publish a thoughtfully designed version on your organization’s website and make it easy to decipher. The annual report should thank donors and bring them into the overall mission of the organization, in turn encouraging repeat donations over the years to come! 


Online fundraising should incorporate online and mobile technology alongside the proper software to improve campaign efforts across multiple channels. By implementing these four strategies you can drive donations and increase awareness for potential and repeat donors.


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