Five Tips for Crafting Successful Content for Your Nonprofit Blog

May 14, 2019

Content marketing can deepen relationships with supporters and boost your online presence. A healthy blog increases engagement while leveraging storytelling to draw in new donors and keep supporters coming back. Your improved SEO will even help you stay relevant among organic searches.

Why not strive to develop fantastic content for your nonprofit blog? Check out these five tips to help strengthen your organization’s online strategy:

1. Gain Their Trust

Visitors need to know that your site is a source of reliable information. Aim to publish content that your viewers can take seriously and glean honest insights from. With credible content, you can boost your authority and gain repeat visitors. Blog posts should be interesting and well structured. Don’t forget to consider the look of your webpage in general. If it appears archaic, bounce rates will increase and the search engines will point visitors in a different direction.

2. Keep Them Engaged

Write for your organization’s audience. What is the goal of your blog? What do your readers want to know more about? Some ideas for good blog topics include recent campaigns, upcoming events, success stories, and more. Demonstrate the good your organization does by showing your supporters how you are using the money they donated to your organization. People are more likely to become recurring donors if they can see how their contributions directly impact your cause.

3. Interact with a Bigger Network

Keep your content relatable and authentic. Allow followers to share your blog posts with their networks, giving you access to a wider audience. Use a variety of social media channels to provide information about your organization, mission, and events. Diversify your social media approach by using a range of platforms to reach larger demographics.

4. Be Careful with Keywords

Don’t overuse keywords. Avoid sticking your keyword throughout your post just to meet your SEO requirements. This can impede readability and cause Google search engines to backfire. Don’t know which keywords to use? Check your Google Analytics account and see what terms people are searching for!

5. Get Visual

Use infographics and statistics to show supporters instead of just telling them. Display the impact of the cause you’re helping and appeal to their emotions. Tell a story through various channels – videos, blog posts, captivating images, social media, etc. See what drives the highest level of engagement and share it across your numerous media outlets.


Ultimately, when creating content for your nonprofit supporter, consider what they are the most passionate about, what stories you can tell, and what content they need to help achieve their goals. With these things in mind, you’ll be more than ready to create content that will delight your current and future donors.

Omatic Software
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