Feel-good Work

“Feel-good work.” A client of ours recently told me that Omatic’s mission is one we can feel good about, one that makes a true impact in the industry we serve. I’ll be the first to admit that, given our reputation as the “nonprofit data people,” we often get caught up in the “virtual” world of social good. Our solutions are intangible, yet reach millions of people every day.

Working in Marketing, it’s our goal to spread the mission and values of Omatic. How we can help save nonprofits tons of time and money through better data (which we do!). Yet our solutions, with their virtual nature, try as they may, are missing a human element to them. With my team responsible for making a lasting first impression on the marketplace, the question becomes: how can we better connect with the people we’re reaching out to?

Omatic Philanthropy

During our first meeting of the year, the idea of Omatic Philanthropy was unveiled. Our own venture into giving back to the local community. I thought: “how cool is it that we can not only serve social good organizations but truly become one ourselves?!” This got me thinking. How can Marketing, notorious for our tenacity on the phones and expert ability to send the perfect email, help out with the “human” element of Omatic Philanthropy? The answer became clear immediately: a team volunteering event!

Omatic’s office is in an emerging (up-and-coming, some may say) area of Charleston. One of the last refuges of a quickly developing, sprawling urban hub. Our small pocket by the water has been hit hard by the development of recent years – the hardest, you could argue. Out of this, however, comes a silver lining: a wide array of NPOs a stone’s throw away from our office. Plenty of opportunities to help the community and have a team bonding event all at once! Out of the vast number of nonprofits we could help, we found one NPO with a mission near to our hearts: The Lowcountry Orphan Relief Fund (LOR, for short). After a series of emails with Christina (their Development Director), we were locked in: reservation for 8 marketers on February 13th, confirmed!

When we arrived, we were greeted and shown around the facility. As it turns out, the Warehouse Manager, our fearless leader for the day, had big plans for us. We broke into pairs and compiled “Care Packages” for underprivileged orphans who were shortly going back to school. We quickly found out how to pack properly and, especially, how have a great time doing it.

Our mission was simple: pack the coolest outfits, most interesting books, and appropriate hygiene products possible for a local child in need. This quickly turned into a competition; our own version of Project Runway. We sorted through a seemingly endless sea of new/lightly used clothes for all ages. Shoes, uniforms, pajamas – you name it, we packed it. I must say, if Marketing doesn’t work out, our team has a bright future in Fashion Design.

Really living the mission.

At the end of the day, we sorted care packages for nearly 20 children in the Charleston area. We took pictures (naturally), listened to music while sorting, and got to come together as a group. However, the experience itself pales in comparison to what we learned that day- the perspective we took away. Perspective not only into the NPOs that use our products but, more importantly, who they are helping. We always say, “we help nonprofits reach their mission through better data,” but now, we got to see the mission. We got to live the mission.

Yes, we’re the “nonprofit data people,” but on that day, and every day since, we’ve lived and breathed the mission of every organization we help. Getting out of the data world and into the real world of NPOs was exactly what we needed. A glimpse into what each and every one of you strive to accomplish every day. Thinking about it- we truly found out what “feel-good work” was all about.

With that in mind- hit us up if you have some dupes you want to get rid of in your database – we know a thing or two about how to help with that. ?