What Are Default Sets and How Do You Use Them?

Manual data entry takes time! In addition, manual data entry can open the door for potential keying errors, which will ultimately lead to a clean-up project. Therefore, using ImportOmatic, you are saving time and avoiding data entry errors by importing data versus entering it in manually or through other import processes.

Now, let’s look at a standard Raiser’s Edge tool that ImportOmatic also utilizes to save additional time when importing: Default sets.

Import files can be lacking all the information needed to create records within The Raiser’s Edge. Default sets in Raiser’s Edge can be used to bring the needed additional information, such as required fields, in to records that are being added or modified through the import process.

For example, if all gifts being added through import are being given to the same Campaigns and Funds, create a gift default set with entries in the Campaign and Fund fields. Use this set when importing gift records instead of entering the Campaign and Funds manually in the import file.

Alternatively, virtual fields can also be used in ImportOmatic profiles to supplement import information. However, each virtual field will need to be built in each profile for each individual data file. Default sets can save the time of building virtual fields and allow you to auto-fill values into fields on a record. When default sets are created they can be used not only in ImportOmatic profiles but also during manual data entry when creating new individual and organization records.

How Do I Create a Default Set in Raiser’s Edge?

1. Select Tools from the menu bar, select Organize/Create Defaults
2. On the left side of the Defaults window, highlight the record type you wish to create defaults, for example: Individuals
3. Click New on the right
4. Enter a name for the default set.
5. Highlight a category on the left to display the available fields in the grid on the right
6. Click in the ‘Default Value’ cell and enter the appropriate value.

7. After defining all the fields, save the default set
To review additional information, please consult the Blackbaud Knowledgebase article here:

Default sets can be useful in various import scenarios, for example…

Individual Default Sets:

  • Entering constituent codes for consistency
  • Enter Additional Addressees/Salutations
  • Creating required or requested Attribute sets
  • Establishing solicit codes for the constituent group impacted by the import

Gift Default Sets:

  • Providing Fund, Campaign, Appeal, Package information for gifts within a file
  • Indicating values for fields such as Letters, or Gift Reference
  • Setting alternate values for fields that populate as Not Acknowledged, Not Posted and Not Receipted, such as Acknowledged and Do Not Post

How Can I Add an Established Default Set to an Import Profile?

1. To apply the default set in ImportOmatic, open the profile and select Defaults from the ImportOmatic Navigation bar.
2. In the Default Field Values section, you will find the record type you created the Default Set for, and select the name of the Default Set from the pull-down menu option.

We hope using default sets assists you not only in importing, but also with any manual data entry that you are completing.

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