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Cut Through the ‘Middleware’ Confusion!

In a recent survey of organizations on the topic of middleware solutions for nonprofit data integration, the majority of respondents indicated that they weren’t even sure what ‘middleware’ was.  If you count yourself among that group, it’s normal.  Middleware is a fairly recent concept in the world of technology for nonprofits.

Technology-savvy folks complicate the matter further by throwing around terms such as ‘iPaaS’ and ‘iSaaS’ as though they were common vernacular.

Omatic’s new eBook, Middleware, iPaaS, and iSaaS for Nonprofits:  Cutting Through the Confusion, really does cut through the confusion by clearly focusing on key concepts and providing solid examples.  We start by explaining the concept of middleware, then examine middleware developed for data integration.  We then go a step further by defining, comparing, and contrasting iPaaS and iSaaS for nonprofits.

Is middleware right for you?

In today’s nonprofit technology environment, the question really becomes – not ‘is middleware right for you?’, but rather, ‘what kind of middleware of right for you?’  It will depend, among other things, on how your organization’s technology stack is structured and managed, what kind of expertise you have at your disposal, and what the needs of your end-users are.

There are a number of alternatives to consider.  Tactically, you want to end up with a middleware solution that’s intuitive, that will save time, and that’s cost-effective.  Strategically, you want middleware outcomes that will engender confidence in your data, leading to confidence in the processes that leverage your data, so you can engage your constituencies as effectively as possible, and successfully deliver your mission.

Let our eBook help guide you as you seek to understand the best approach to take.

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