Create & Update Records Consistently in Raiser’s Edge: Addressees and Salutations

One of the most important areas within Raiser’s Edge (RE) are the Addressee and Salutation fields. These fields have their own tab labeled as “Addressee/Salutations” located on the constituent record. The field values are defined commonly using a combination of a formula from Configuration and field values defined on the Bio 1 tab including spouse fields if applicable. The Addressee and Salutation the fields included in the formula may vary depending on the type. The Addressee and Salutation are important when communicating with constituents for solicitations such as direct mailings or e-mail appeals.

ImportOmatic can add a default primary addressee and/or salutation for any new constituent record added during the import process. This feature is easily defined in the import profile Constituents settings below:

If more than just a primary addressee and salutation are needed on the constituent record, IOM has another great feature to accommodate your needs. In RE, Default Sets can be used to house default values that all records need to have when they are created or updated. This includes the primary addressee and salutation as well as any additional addressee and salutations required on the record. Default Sets are defined and located in RE in the top taskbar under Tools>Organize/Create Defaults:

In this section of RE, there are many different types of Default Sets available:

The Individual Default Set can be used to default any combination of primary and additional addressees and salutations as the import processes automatically:

The Default Set saved in RE is defined in the import profile in the Defaults section. It can be added to apply to all New Individuals and/or Modified Individuals. A record that is added as a new constituent is considered a New Individual and a record that is already present in RE that is being updated is considered a Modified Individual in this setting:


It is important that all records are consistently entered in RE with the fields that are important to your organization. Addressees and salutations are a crucial part of that process to ensure the appropriate greeting is used when communicating with your constituents. ImportOmatic makes that process easier to manage, faster, and more efficiently!

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