bbcon 2015: A Double Rainbow of Top Raiser’s Edge™ Sessions – Part 2

40 more days and we’ll be in Austin, TX for bbcon! Who else is counting down the days? We are pumped! As mentioned last week, we’re going with a “Roy G. Biv” style of session recommendations best suited for Raiser’s Edge users and fundraisers. If you missed last week’s recommendation, Part 1 of this session review is available here. In the spirit of Keeping Austin Weird for bbcon, we must introduce our comedic inspiration for the Double Rainbow of Sessions:


Now, without further ado, this week we have a new spectrum of colorful sessions for you! Our second rainbow of sessions highlights some of the most compelling – and specifically Raiser’s Edge-related content to consider while attending bbcon 2015, listed in alphabetical order:

Bill and Ed’s Excellent Adventure…in Raiser’s Edge

• Bill and Ed! The title alone should be enough to draw you to this session… but bring your questions to make the most out of this one! This session is designed for beginner to intermediate Raiser’s Edge users.

Meet the Early Raiser’s Edge NXT Adopters

• A chance to meet and hear from some customers already using Raiser’s Edge NXT™. If you are planning ahead for a transition, there’s no better source than to hear about the experience straight from someone who has already been through it!

On the Road Fundraising in NXT

• Paul Finch is back to tackle the age-old challenge of getting your fundraiser’s on board with using your systems to document important fundraising information. He will concentrate on how Raiser’s Edge NXT specifically addresses this and makes things easier on fundraisers out in the field.

Preparing for Upcoming Raiser’s Edge 7 Releases

• This session from Blackbaud product manager James Menezes will outline the upcoming roadmap specific to Raiser’s Edge 7. With thousands of organization’s both using this product now and with plans to for the foreseeable future, there will be no shortage of interest in this session.

Raiser’s Edge NXT: Moving to and Mastering the Next Generation of Raiser’s Edge

• For those organizations that are planning a move to Raiser’s Edge NXT in the near future, this is your session! Bill Connors has been a staple at bbcon for many years. After working with RE NXT for over a year, he will share what he has found to be new and exciting about the product.

Raiser’s Edge NXT for the Executive Role

• This session focuses on keeping Executive Directors happy through the capabilities of Raiser’s Edge NXT. Blackbaud Senior Product Manager Anthony Tomaino shares reports, dashboards, action items and workflow planning for Raiser’s Edge NXT.

Your Grateful Patient Program Diagnosis

• This session outlines successful data workflow approaches for grateful patient programs with recognition of the importance of VIP, major giving, and annual fund aspects of healthcare fundraising. Walk out of this one with the confidence to create an effective data workflow that keeps your grateful patient program running smoothly and producing results.

But, wait… that’s not all! There are a handful of other sessions worthy of your attention and consideration including:

  • What’s Next for Large Raiser’s Edge 7 Customers? seeks to provide a future roadmap to large organizations currently using Raiser’s Edge 7
  • The NXT Value: What’s Included provides a Raiser’s Edge NXT overview
  • PLUS multiple keynote sessions that feature a great lineup of speakers

At bbcon 2015, a LOT of amazing content is packed into just a few days! Unfortunately, a few of the sessions listed above will be presented at the same time so you won’t be able to attend them all. This double rainbow will simply get you started thinking about which sessions you don’t want to miss. Enjoy!



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