bbcon 2015: A Double Rainbow of Top Raiser’s Edge™ Sessions – Part 1

This year’s bbcon will be here before you know it, and this time we will be in another awesome new destination – Austin, TX! In the spirit of keeping things weird, we’ve chosen a “double rainbow” of session recommendations best suited for Raiser’s Edge users and administrators. A double rainbow, what does this mean? For your comedic humor, here is your daily dose of weird:

Making this list has actually become an annual tradition for us here at Omatic. We are proud to be a Blackbaud Technology Partner and be a part of bbcon each year! This year is no different as we will be there in full force as a Platinum Sponsor.

The 2015 session lineup has something for everyone who has a hand in getting the most out of Raiser’s Edge or Raiser’s Edge NXT™ for their organization. Let’s get started with our first rainbow of sessions (listed in alphabetical order) that will strongly appeal to any database administrators or nonprofit techies:

Can We Talk? Benefits of Raiser’s Edge and Financial Edge Integration

• Any organization with both RE and FE or thinking of integrating the two will benefit from Sandy’s expertise in this area! She is great and will help you get exactly the information you need.

Give a Hoot: Don’t Pollute Raiser’s Edge

• This session promises to help you form a healthy, productive relationship with Raiser’s Edge by sharing simple approaches to organizing and cleaning your database. Cheri has seen all types of data scenarios in RE and can help you tidy up! She’ll even be sharing DIY database audit tips!

How to Become a Raiser’s Edge Superhero

• Who doesn’t want to be a superhero? From data entry assistant to DBA, your presenter Josh (@TenTwentyToo on Twitter) can help you find the way!

Introduction to NXT API & Integrations

• For hardcore Raiser’s Edge geeks like us, this session will outline integrations and innovations with Raiser’s Edge NXT for both partners and customers!

Raiser’s Edge Integration: Getting the Most from Data across Your Organization

• Join Senior Product Manager at Omatic Software (and former Senior Product Manager at Blackbaud), Emily Dalton, to see how the right mix of technology now makes Raiser’s Edge more flexible than ever. This session will explore not only advanced integration technologies for connecting your systems, but also answer the important question of “What are you going to do with this data?” from a fundraiser’s perspective – so it benefits both RE admins and users!

Raiser’s Edge Roadmap

• This session is a bbcon fixture… the Raiser’s Edge Roadmap. Join to get a clear understanding of the product vision long range plans for RE straight from Blackbaud product management. Or, at least be entertained by all the questions!

Raiser’s Edge Quiz Show

• This should be fun! This session will create a game show environment with the objective to provide a preview of what people can expect when they pursue Blackbaud Certification for Raiser’s Edge (bCRE). Find out if you are ready or if you need to go to study hall!

But, wait… that’s not all! There are a handful of other sessions worthy of your attention and consideration to expand your Raiser’s Edge immersion including:

  • Boost Fundraising in Raiser’s Edge which appears to be a specialized session focused on addressing payment processing challenges in Raiser’s Edge
  • Meet the Bigfoot of the Blackbaud Forest that will focus on the mysteries of Crystal Reports
  • Revenge of the Nerds: Raiser’s Edge Style that will feature a Q&A with Blackbaud experts and a “best-dressed nerd” contest

We encourage you to consider these sessions if they match what you are trying to get out of the conference that really packs a LOT of content into just a few days. Did we mention we’re excited?! There are 46 DAYS left, but who’s counting… Stay tuned for next weeks spectrum of session suggestions!

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