bbcon 2014: 10 MORE Top Sessions

Are you going to be in Nashville for bbcon 2014? We recently shared a list of Top bbcon 2014 Sessions for Raiser’s Edge® Users, after having previously shared a Top 10 List for bbcon 2013. However, there were so many other great session topics on the 2014 agenda that it called for another post altogether.

This year, the session agenda features a great mix of new topics and presenters that keep the conference an exciting event year after year! With the addition of the Big Idea Sessions at the beginning of the conference, there is sure to be something for everyone. Here are a few more sessions we thought looked compelling (listed chronologically): BB Conference

Big Idea Sessions

1. Are You Reaching Your Fundraising Potential?

Why you should attend: Blackbaud’s Chief Scientist Chuck Longfield always has great things to share and this session appears no different. The concept of calculating your fundraising potential vs. how well your organization performs relative to budget is very intriguing.

2. Leadership 2.0: How to Harness a Data-Driven Culture

Why you should attend: Data is our friend if it’s embraced and leveraged appropriately. This leadership-focused session will explore how that mindset and culture can take hold at organizations when it comes from the top-down.

3. Show the Love: Thoughtful Engagement to Retain Supporters

Why you should attend: The outstanding collection of presenters delivering this session is reason enough to attend. However, the real treat is that this session should serve as a wake-up call to focus on retention and donor-focused fundraising tactics. This group, including Roger Craver who is known for The Agitator among other things, won’t pull any punches.

4. Breaking the Communication Barrier: Getting Your Finance and Development Teams to Talk

Why you should attend: Do your finance and development teams speak different languages? Become an interpreter. This session should provide some great takeaways and also some real-world advice on managing revenue in RE. Take (or type) notes!

5. Fundraising Data & Trends: Putting It All Together

Why you should attend: This should be fun! The presenters, including the current President/CEO of AFP, are looking at several high-profile giving studies and try to sort out the meaning of it all.

6. Giving USA 2014

Why you should attend: Similar to the session above, this will take an in-depth look at the Giving USA 2014 Report in particular and is being led by the vice chair of the Giving USA Foundation. Each year, the Giving USA Report is highly anticipated and discussed by fundraisers everywhere and I can’t think of a better opportunity than this to get a quality overview of the report in person!

7. Smart Ideas Behind Smart Data

Why you should attend: Chuck Longfield makes another appearance on the list with this great topic that focuses on sifting through large amounts of data to determine what is truly actionable. Chuck always shares some great real-world examples of meaningful donor interactions that he has collected over the years, making this session highly recommended!

8. What It Takes to be a Great Fundraising DBA

Why you should attend: Bill Connors literally wrote the book on Fundraising with The Raiser’s Edge so who better to advocate on the importance and knowledge necessary to be a great DBA in the world of development/fundraising? His credentials also include CFRE and bCRE. You’ll walk away from this session with a clear understanding of the DBA role.

9. Reasonable Expectations: The New Approach to Grateful Patient

Why you should attend: It’s nice to see this session on the agenda since there is always such a large contingent of healthcare attendees at bbcon. Grateful Patient Programs remain a hot topic with a wide range of approaches. In fact, we’ll be talking about it later in October at the AHP conference with one of our clients – Foundations of MultiCare. For this bbcon session, a big part of the focus will likely be on prospecting with former APRA Board President Michael Quevli on board to present!

10. The Motivations of a Development Professional

Why you should attend: A great group of BB vets will lead this session that includes “scenario-based” content that should provide some interesting real-world examples. This group should do a great job a decoding what make development people tick and how their motivations impact accounting!

bbcon packs a LOT of content into just a few days! I hope this serves as a good primer for you to start thinking about the sessions you want to attend at the conference.

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