Answers to the Top FAQ’s on ImportOmatic 3.0

Looking for answers about ImportOmatic 3.0? You’ve come to the right place! We’re providing answers to some of the most common questions we’ve gotten about ImportOmatic 3.0 including links to a variety of other helpful resources.

1. What are the key details I need to know about the new version of ImportOmatic?

Version 3.0 of ImportOmatic includes nearly 50 improvements and additions to ImportOmatic’s usability and functionality. We made navigation and configuration more intuitive, and added features like our new online help docs and Connectors for external data sources. A full, detailed list of changes is outlined in our “New in this Release” feature for ImportOmatic 3.0.

If you are still wondering what sets ImportOmatic apart from Standard Raiser’s Edge Import, check out a few of the highlights:

• Fast, easy, automated import from any data source
• Standardizes and cleans data during import
• Intuitive data mapping grid
• Enforce your rules during import
• Advanced duplicate scoring algorithm that uncovers potential matches and assigns a confidence level
• Oh, and of course, ImportOmatic Connectors™!

2. Where can I download the new version?

As always, the latest version is available in the ImportOmatic Updates forum on You’ll need to login to your account with active maintenance to access the download.

3. When will ImportOmatic 3.0 be available in Blackbaud Hosting?

After each upgrade, we provide the new version of ImportOmatic to Blackbaud shortly after its release to non-hosted users. All users in Blackbaud Hosting will be upgraded at the same time and according to Blackbaud’s server maintenance timeline. Blackbaud provides notifications to affected users to ensure they are aware of upcoming changes.

4. How can I suggest improvements or new ImportOmatic Connectors?

We’d love to hear your feedback! Since ImportOmatic Connectors are all new, we know there’s room for improvement! Let us know what you think in our User Voice forum.

5. Is there a recording of the ImportOmatic 3.0 webinar?

Yes! If you are an existing client and you weren’t able to attend, or you just want to share the information with your team, you can watch the webinar here. No login is required, so feel free to share this video with everyone you know!

6. I am interested in implementing one of the ImportOmatic Connectors, but I’d like Omatic’s help. Can my team get one-on-one training like we did when we first started using ImportOmatic?

Absolutely—if you want training on one of our connectors, just reach out to your account manager to work out the details. If you’re unsure who your account manager is, just email, and we’ll help you out!

The Raiser’s Edge™ is a trademark of Blackbaud, Inc.

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