Raiser’s Edge Training for Fundraising Database Professionals

Mar 19, 2015

Would you give the keys to a Formula One race car to a newly licensed 16-year-old? What, no?!

How about a login to your Raiser’s Edge database (that contains more valuable data than a race car is worth) to a new employee? “Show yourself around the database” you say, “you’ll pick up on what we do soon enough…” 
Raiser's Edge Software Training for Nonprofits, DBAS & Fundraising
Ask any seasoned Raiser’s Edge professional about comprehensive RE training and they will confess they are still learning. I am still learning after 12 years of working with RE. Basic RE training is great, but it’s just that – the basics.

It’s hard for a new hire to raise their hand and say they need more help. What a new user really needs is an RE tour guide. This guide should ideally walk them through their new daily/weekly/monthly job tasks, and give them a toolkit to ensure they are set up for success! This goes beyond the basics to providing on-the-job coaching and employee retention rolled into one.  

Many of you may have heard a popular hypothetical exchange that has made the rounds on social media and elsewhere. It goes like this: CFO asks his CEO, “What happens if we invest in developing our people and then they leave?” CEO answers, “What happens if we don’t, and they stay?”

Invest in an experienced guide to RE for your fundraising database professionals and you will find a happier work environment and a successful team. Invest in your mission!

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Raiser's Edge Software Training for Nonprofits, DBAS & Fundraising

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