Four Ways to Engage the Modern Donor

May 7, 2019

Gen Z. Millennials. Gen X. Baby Boomers. Matures. Today’s donors comprise a wide range of generations.

While each demographic should be approached differently, the basic rules of communication remain the same. Authenticity, relevancy, and relatability are the three principles that continue to remain important to donors of any age.

Follow these common strategies alongside the three basic principles to strengthen your engagement with the modern donor:

1. Be front and center.

Millennials are now the country’s largest living generation. As a demographic that strives to make a lasting change, they are constantly looking for ways to become part of something bigger. Nonprofits need to be where the average donor is looking. A strong social media presence, mobile-friendly website, and tactful digital content can help get in front of interested eyes. And don’t forget, the more channels the better!

2. Get people talking.

One in five donors first learned about the nonprofit that they contributed to from a friend or family member. With peer-to-peer fundraising on the rise, Millennials and Gen Z are the most likely to give to a cause based on a friend’s ask. So, get your message out there! Provide easy, meaningful material that donors can share about your organization, including your volunteer opportunities. Incorporate social media influencers into your marketing strategy to help spread the word. Remember, effective engagement can lead to greater donor loyalty.

3. Partner with their workplace.

The modern donor values employers who also strive to make a positive impact in the world. Nonprofits should focus on securing corporate partners that have a predominately younger workforce to help associate their brand with a company’s desire to do good. Modern donors will be drawn to the company’s nonprofit involvement and in turn, help form new donors.

4. Encourage involvement.

Millennials may carry more student debt than any previous generation, but they still have a passion to support nonprofits. Organizations should provide additional ways for supporters to get involved and make a direct impact, besides a financial donation. Younger generations are interested in maintaining involvement with the causes that they are the most passionate about, preferring to view themselves as collaborators, not just one-time donors.

In the end, each generation prefers to engage differently, but they all strive to unite for the common good. Transparency about your mission and the use of your donations will help strengthen the trustworthiness of your organization. By implementing a variety of communications and tactics, you can cultivate the relationships of the modern supporters of today and tomorrow.

Omatic Software
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