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3 Tips to Boost Your Virtual Experience at aasp Summit

It’s that time of year again! Fundraisers, marketers, administrators, executives and industry thought leaders from across the country will soon make their way to experience aasp’s annual Summit – virtually!  Although this year we’re not packing suitcases, flying from different cities, and networking in person, this year’s four-day event will be no different than attending in-person.  This must attend event is a great way to meet others in your industry and learn about today’s trends and technology innovations that will empower your social good organization.

With aasp Summit held virtually again, it can be overwhelming and easily feel like information overload, but it’s an excellent way to expand your knowledge so you can drive your organization’s impact.  Plus, who doesn’t love watching industry thought leaders speak while working in comfortable clothes with unlimited coffee at hand?

With aasp Summit right around the corner, we’ve got a few expert tips to make sure you get the most out of your experience.

Before You Attend

Each day at aasp Summit is full of presentations and networking opportunities.  It can be challenging to know where to focus your time when there’s so much going on!  A great idea is to review the conference agenda prior to kickoff so you can mark which session’s hold the most value to you and your organization, and so you can place holds on your calendar.  With dozens of sessions happening simultaneously, you’ll want to be organized and prepared to attend those that hold the most interest for you.

Once the Conference Begins

Get ready to immerse yourself in four-days of learning!  Expanding your knowledge on what’s trending and cutting-edge in the social good community is immensely valuable.  Challenge yourself to learn something new by attending informative sessions, networking with industry professionals, and speaking with exhibitors.  You may gain a new connection that might benefit your organization, or you may find a solution to ease your organization’s challenges and pain points.

Pro-tip:  Navigate to the Omatic Software virtual booth to meet with an Account Executive to learn how we can help your organization solve challenging data integration issues.  

After the Conference Ends

Spread the wealth to your coworkers!  Share your newly acquired knowledge and takeaways that may not have been able to attend.  Even better, with aasp Summit’s on-demand content, you can revisit sessions that were valuable to glean additional knowledge that you may have missed the first time, or as a refresher three, six, or even twelve months later.

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