2016 Fiscal Year Creation Recommendations for Financial Edge™ – Part 2

Hello again! Last week we covered closing out your fiscal year in Financial Edge™, so this week let’s dive into fiscal year creation in preparation for 2016!

Create a New Fiscal Year:

Your Financial Edge database requires a new fiscal year record each year in order to record any financial transactions. To create a new fiscal year:

1. From within the General Ledger, go to Configuration and Fiscal Years.

2. Click “New Fiscal Year”.

3. Provide an ID and Description for the new year (use prior years ID/Description as a guide).

4. Leave the default number of fiscal periods and click Auto Complete. This will fill in the start and end dates for your fiscal periods.

5. Click Save and Close to save your new Fiscal Year.

You are now able to begin entering transactions dates for 2016. Happy New Year!

The Raiser’s Edge™ is a trademark of Blackbaud, Inc.

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