5 Tips to Pitch Your Nonprofit Data Integration Strategy

Your goals are most likely the same as they ever have been: attract new donors, enhance contributions, and steward your community of supporters. But the way you achieve these goals has been changing over the last few years – especially with a steady stream of new technology and an increasing number of opportunities to interact with prospects and existing donors.

Data integration can offer rich advantages to nonprofit organizations. In addition to strengthening relationships with supporters and creating better supporter experiences, data integration helps evaluate campaign performance, supports operational efficiencies, finds untapped potential, and improves donor targeting.

So how do you get people on board with data integration? This guide describes the challenges facing nonprofits today, the importance of data integration, and provides five practical steps to obtain buy-in – and help ensure your organization’s capacity to reach business goals and grow.

5 Tips to Pitch Your Nonprofit Data Integration Strategy Ebook Image